Portland’s Women Founders Forum is a group dedicating to addressing the unique needs of women founders, spanning from the impetus to become an entrepreneur to the logistics of formulating a viable business model to the intricacies of running an organization. Up until now, Portland has had no group formally dedicated to supporting the unique opportunities and challenges that women founders face as well as promoting the value they create. By creating a safe and supportive environment for professional & personal growth through a combination of in person & online networking and educational activities, Women Founders Forum helps motivated women in Portland create world-class businesses.

We organize regular evening events involving both power networking and organized speakers on pertinent topics — check out our programming schedule on Eventbrite. We also have a private LinkedIn group to which female founders may request membership.

Please note that we maintain two operational rules designed to promote quality networking and professional growth among our membership:

  1. We do not allow soliciting of products or services at our events, although naturally-formed business connections are expected and encouraged;
  2. We maintain a “cone of silence” policy around statements made by individuals at our meetings and online forums, unless the speaker gives explicit approval for sharing her words publicly.

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